back-to-basics-logoFrom the Clergy and Vestry:

2015-16 was a wonderful year of celebrating the first 25 years of the mission and ministry of St. Monica’s.  We were visible in the wider community with our work with Meals of Hope, Habitat for Humanity, Stuffing the Bus, large contribution to the Shelter for Abused Women and Children, our Health and Safety fair, and a great feature in the Naples Daily News.  Our St. Monica’s Feast Day services were joyous with Bishop Dabney and Mary Smith’s presence.  15 of our fellow parishioners were confirmed and received by Bishop Smith.  It was a wonderful conclusion to a year of saying YES! to God.

2016-17 will be a year of going BACK to BASICS.  We will be challenged to live Faithfully and Generously.  During Advent and Christmas we will learn to live Expectantly.  During Lent we will live Prayerfully.  We will live Resurrection Lives during Easter and beyond.

Beginning October 1 and 2, we will be on our journey of Generous Living.  Generous Living is more than what we do with our money.  It is a call to be kind to one another and to all living things.  It is a call to deal with each other honestly.  It is a call to humility.

Most of all Generous Living is a “call to action” to each of us as followers of Jesus.  Jesus shows us the way to live generously:  by welcoming the outcast, by overturning the tables of the money changers in the Temple, by sharing meals with the poor and “sinners”, by healing the sick, by teaching, forgiving, and ultimately by giving his life so that all might have abundant life.

Between now and November 5 and 6, we will focus on our annual giving program:  Back to Basics – The ABCs of a Generous Life.  The ministries of St. Monica’s are empowered through the generosity of all our members.  Each week we are nurtured in word and sacrament.  God calls us to care for those who are sick or hurting, and to welcome those searching for a community of faith. St. Monica’s strives to be a generous parish.

Next week you will receive your 2016-17 Prayer JournalBack to Basics, the ABCs of a Generous Life.  Each reflection has been written by a member of our congregation.  Later in October you will receive the Annual Giving issue of The Messenger, which will include information about our ministry and about financial giving.  We will complete our pledge cards during worship the weekend of Nov. 5 and 6.

We are grateful for your participation in the life of St. Monica’s.  The Vestry and clergy hope this time of prayer and reflection will enrich your lives and deepen your relationships with God and with St. Monica’s.

Click here for The Prayer Journal.

Click here for the Annual Giving Messenger for 2017.

Click here for the 2017 Pledge Card.