Baby Basics
This organization provides disposable diapers for qualified working families in Collier County. St. Monica’s Baby Basics team distributes a case of diapers to each of 30 babies on the second Wednesday of each month. We also support fundraising efforts by Baby Basics of Collier County. Contact: Jill Ducatman

Pinecrest Elementary School – Immokalee
Located in one of the poorest communities in Collier County, this school provides an excellent education to its students through the generosity of its supporters. Twice each school year, the Women of St. Monica’s provides a lovely luncheon for the teachers and staff. They have no PTA/PTO to provide this kind of support. Additionally, the congregation of St. Monica’s collects underwear, socks and school supplies for the students. Contact: Barbara Myrick

The Shelter for Abused Women And Children
The Shelter offers many programs, including residency, for women and children in abusive home situations. Each December, the members of St. Monica’s donate gift cards to Shelter residents so that they can give their children and family members Christmas gifts. Contact: Terri Tack

Camp Able
Camp Able is a camp for disabled people held at St.Mark’s, Marco Island and staffed by many people from St. Monica’s as well as from around our Deanery. Contact: Padre Hipolito and Emma McHenry

Grace Place For Children
Grace Place is a non-profit neighborhood center focused on teaching literacy, language and life skills to children and families at risk in Golden Gate City. Contact: Sandy Kilmon

Eden Foundation School and Programs
This agency is a primary source for autism information, education, training and support. Contact: Ralph and Margaret Miano

Pumpkin Patch
In October we buy pumpkins from the Navajo Indians in New Mexico, selling them throughout the month of October to the public and returning 10% (a tithe) of our proceeds to children’s ministries in the Naples area.

Avow provides hospice, palliative care, bereavement and many other services to anyone who needs it, regardless of ability to pay. Contact: Kathy Schillreff

VBS Music Camp 
The funds from help support our new Music Camp at St. Monica’s, welcoming many children from the wider community. Contact: Dr. Ron Doiron