The First Latino Service

The First Latino Service

The first Latino service at St. Monica began on August 30, 2015 at 11:45 AM. From that time, it has been  held without interruption. St. Monica’s Episcopal Church is the only Episcopal church in Naples Deanery offering a service in Spanish.

We Latinos at St. Monica’s want to be a family, with a great sense of fellowship and strongly rooted in the faith in Jesus Christ. We have people coming from Argentina, Cuba, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Venezuela, as well as Latinos born in the United States, who are participating in our services. We can say our community is mostly formed by young, professional and bilingual people.

Latinos at St. Monica’s are involved, together with the English speaking members of the church, in our community’s life of the parish, collaborating in different ministries and activities with their time, talent and treasure.

Formation de adultos

Adult Formation

As Hispanic – Latinos, we have a rich culture that manifests in several ways. We not only share the diversity and taste of our food, our music and our language. We also share our successes, struggles and dreams.