These ministries provide support, help, a shoulder or hug, to those facing challenging times in their lives.  Our Pastoral Care team works to make sure those who need help receive the support they need.

Stephen Ministry

Stephen Ministry is a program that equips lay people to provide confidential, one-to-one Christian care to members of St. Monica’s and individuals in the community who are experiencing difficulties in their lives.  Stephen Ministers listen, care, pray, support and encourage the person in need.  They receive 50 hours of training, and will “be there” for their care receiver.   Loss of a loved one, hospitalization, divorce or separation, job crises, a difficult medical diagnosis, a move, and loneliness are some of the life challenges that a Stephen Minister might help a care receiver deal with.

Lay Eucharistic Visitors

These specially trained and licensed lay people bring communion to those who are not able to come to church for services.  If you or someone you know is unable to attend church and would like to receive home communion, please contact Don McCleary (Lay Eucharistic Team Leader) at 239-390-2258, or Linda Flores or Fr. Eric at 239-591-4550 to arrange for communion in your home, extended care facility, or hospital.

Email Prayer Chain

If you, or someone you know needs prayers – any kind of prayer – you email our prayer chain coordinator, who sends your request to everyone on the list.  When the pray-ers receive the request, they stop what they are doing and say a prayer.  Most prayer chain participants also add the request to their daily prayers.

Prayer List at Church

The prayer list that is published in the Sunday announcement insert is maintained by the Pastoral Care team.  To add a name, you can email or call the office (591-4550), with the name and other information.  You can also indicate if you would like a card sent from St. Monica’s.  These names are mentioned in the Prayers of the People the week they are added, and they remain on the printed list for 4 weeks unless you request a longer time.