Service, Worship, Education, Evangelism, Pastoral Care, Parish Life, Stewardship

 A parish organizational structure used in the Episcopal Church to support better communication, increased collaboration, and improved resource management. “SWEEPPS” focuses on relationships, connectedness and common ministry.


To learn more about” SWEEPPS” download our brochure click here or please click the Commission link below.

To contact a Ministry Team Leader, please contact one of the Commission Chairs below, or call the office, or contact Fr. Eric 239-272-6131.

Commission                   Chair                        Phone                   Email

SERVICE                       Bill Chairs                                              wchairs@stmonicasnaples.org

WORSHIP                     Fr. Eric

EDUCATION                Betsy Smith            239-292-5763      esmith@stmonicasnaples.org

EVANGELISM             Sarah Meador      239-566-8885      smeador@stmonicasnaples.org

Stuart Wisnom      239-566-8885      swisnom@stmonicasnaples.org

PASTORAL CARE         Carol Hedman      239-948-5290      chedman@stmonicasnaples.org

PARISH LIFE                 Michael Kennedy  239-262-8466     mkennedy@stmonicasnaples.org

Matt Devlin            239-450-6229     mdevlin@stmonicasnaples.org

STEWARDSHIP           Doug Ball               239-514-4299      dball@stmonicasnaples.org