Worship Commission

Commission Chair: The Rev. Eric Cooter

Worship the Lord with gladness; come into his presence with singing. Psalm 100:2


  • We coordinate the ministries that support the many worship services of St. Monica’s Episcopal Church.
  • We collaborate with the vestry on the financial resource requirements of each worship ministry.
  • We coordinate with the office staff and schedule all ministry servers for each service.
  • We coordinate with the Rector to facilitate training of all Lay Eucharistic Ministers, Acolytes, Lectors, Ushers, and Altar Guild.

Acolytes TBD

Acolytes are young people (grade 5 and older) and adults who assist the clergy and congregation at principal worship services. The word acolyte comes from the Greek akolouthos meaning “one who helps” or “one who follows.” Training is required and usually takes place during Sunday School time after the 9:30 a.m. service. Rehearsals for special services, such as Christmas Eve, Easter, etc., are scheduled as needed.

Altar Guild

The Altar Guild is a group of women and men who prepare the church for worship and maintain the vestments and liturgical appointments of the church. Their ministry of service is a scared trust and their behind-the-scenes work is a special gift to those who worship at St. Monica’s

Linda Duffy

Kathy Crevier

Ruthann Turley

Flower Team Jill Ducatman

Talented duos work together to create beautiful floral arrangements for our altar each week and at other special events . New designers are always welcome.

Healing Team Terri Tack

Parishioners called to the healing ministry participate in the Wednesday noon service as available, and at Saturday/Sunday services on the weekend of the second Sunday of each month. They are also available to pray with parishioners when needed. Training is required.

Lay Eucharist Ministers

These lay people lead the Prayers of the People and administer the chalice during celebrations of Holy Eucharist. Chalicers must be at least 16 years of age, and be confirmed or received in the Episcopal Church. This ministry requires training, as well as licensing by the Bishop.

Saturday 5:00 PM Terri Tack & Kathy Crevier

Sunday 7:45 AM George Freebern

Sunday 9:00 AM Betsy Smith

Lay Readers (Lectors)

These lay people read the Scripture lessons and lead the Psalm in worship services. Readers may be youth or adults, who have been trained for this very important ministry. Contact: The Rector

Saturday 5:00 PM Jeri Borchers & Frank Dowd

Sunday 7:45 PM Beth Moss & Sharon Sparrow

Sunday 9:00 AM Joy Patrick & Ruthann Turley

Music and Choir Program Dr. Ron Doiron


Ushers youth and adults who welcome people to worship, help guests feel at home at St. Monica’s, and help with the smooth flow of the liturgy. Training is required.

Saturday 5:00 PM  Dan Zeidman

Sunday 7:45 AM Marge & Bud Disbrow

Sunday 9:30PM Bill Richards