Being present to the Naples community by helping feed those who hunger for a warm and love-filled meal.

From Naples vet’s home to a commercial kitchen: “Feed Thy Neighbor” effort gets boost

NAPLES, Fla. — The simple things bring Tony Mansolillo the most excitement these days: like the sight of a gas stove.

“I can’t tell you how happy I am,” Tony said, while standing in his new commercial kitchen at St. Monica’s Episcopal Church in Naples.

The new digs are a big change for Tony after running his non-profit “Feed Thy Neighbor” from his home for much of the past year. The program offers free, home cooked meals made by Tony and volunteers. They are served to the homeless or anyone in need.

Eventually, Tony outgrew his home kitchen. He went through six glass stove tops, three ovens and two fridge compressors while eventually realizing he needed a bigger space.

“It’s a godsend,” Tony, a veteran who is disabled, said of the new kitchen at St. Monica’s. “No doubt about it.”

The space now allows Tony and his team to increase the amount of meals that are made and delivered. He personally delivers hundreds of containers filled with food to people on the streets each week.

“This is what we’re supposed to do,” Tony said. “What I do is nothing special.”

SOURCE:  NBC2 Sean Martinelli 6:30 PM EST, Wed December 01, 2021