In the light of us staying transparent, I wanted to share with our members (and guest who visit) that some of you have noticed and contacted me about phone numbers or emails missing from our announcements when we inform people to reach out for more information. The reason being is that we have been notified that there are scammers researching Church websites to collect information on our members. Because of this and the fact that our announcement sheet is posted on the website, I have removed the contact details to help protect your privacy.

This would be a great opportunity to uses the Church Directory when needing to contact a fellow member.  The directory is a great tool to access and use on any electronic device.  If you aren’t able to login and access the directory, please contact me and I will help you to do so.  For those that do not use a PC, you are welcome to call the office at 239.591.4550 during our regular business hours for assistance.   Thank you all for your understanding of trying to keep everyone’s privacy safe.