We are so grateful for the generous gifts that our parishioners offer as we work to be a place where Christ’s light shines.

In my last Treasurer’s report, I mentioned important projects that are pending that are the result of our physical plant being about 25 years old. These projects cost over $100,000 and include air conditioning, new hurricane doors to replace doors that are falling out of their frames, parking maintenance, and repairs, and sidewalk repairs to reduce tripping hazards.

Your Vestry has deliberated this situation seriously and we will soon launch fundraising efforts to rebuild the foundation of St. Monica’s. These fundraising efforts will begin in the Fall and will pay for improvements to the buildings and build reserves.

Our Finance Committee is also working with our Diocese to restructure our mortgage for more favorable terms to help us meet our goals and to help with seasonal cash flow. Please be assured that St. Monica’s is able to cover our immediate expenses and is in no immediate danger. Rather, we are working to be in the best financial position as we continue to grow in membership and in ministry to the community.

Respectfully Submitted,

Thomas Gibson