Dear Friends,


Earlier this month, we proposed a possible change to the day of the evening Eucharist service, from 5pm on Saturdays to 5pm on Sundays. The intent was to experiment with new ideas for growth by building capacity for our families with children growing older. Many families with middle school and high school-aged children have travel teams, family trips, and other weekend commitments. We recognize that many of our committed families from years past would not be able to attend church due to this reason. So, we wanted to explore the possibility of moving the Saturday service to Sunday and adding community-building events.


We then surveyed the congregation to receive some feedback. We have taken the congregation’s responses seriously, and we do not believe that it is prudent to move the time of the service from Saturday to Sunday at this time.

We do hope that our Saturday service continues to flourish and that follows the Spirit’s call for us all.

We also asked if there was interest in resuming the Sunday Eucharist at 8am. We will continue to explore this possibility.


Thank you for your responses as we strive to be faithful in our call in ministry and pursue our ideas for growth.


Yours in Christ,

The Vestry and Fr. Jonathan Evans