Because of the generosity of seven parishioners and non-parishioners in 2019, four of our young Choir Section Leaders were finally able to attend the in-person Sewanee Conference this past July. The SCMC is the oldest continuous church music conference in the United States and is limited to 135 attendees, all professional Directors of Music, and Choristers mainly from Episcopal churches. Our young singers, all in their 20’s, were uplifted and inspired by the Conference, so much so that they will be presenting a special Cabaret on March 26, 2023, as a fund-raising event to support their attendance at the 2023 Conference. Below are some of their expressions of appreciation:

  • Sara Del Castillo, Soprano

Sewanee was an unforgettable experience, from the dining hall that reminded me of Harry Potter, to the gorgeous halls and chapels filled with music. Thank you to everyone who donated their time and resources for us to become closer to God and each other. The services and people were truly eye-opening and thoughtful, as was the music. The week was a never-ending musical alive with the sound of the Sewanee Music Conference! I look forward to my next experience attending this beautiful yearly event.


  • Sam Eash, Bass

I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to attend the Sewanee Conference this past summer. This was an experience that I believe elevated myself spiritually, artistically, and professionally. I will always appreciate St. Monica’s and those who helped make this life-changing opportunity possible for me.

  • Alexis Lang, Mezzo-Soprano

It was truly a blessing for me to attend the Sewanee Conference this past July. To say that it was “mind-blowing” would be an understatement! The music, the services and all those attending were amazing, and something more than I could have ever hoped to experience. We were all brought closer to God and to each other. I want to thank every single person who helped us make this event a meaningful reality for us.

  • Ariane Schoellner, Soprano

When I think about this past summer’s Conference, I find it difficult to pick only one favorite thing! The Chapel where we rehearsed every morning was gorgeous and made the walk up the mountain totally worth the effort. Meeting musicians from all around the country and around the world to practice and debut a new anthem written by our conductor was an experience few ever have. Our conductor, Malcolm Archer, was formerly the Director of Music at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, and he was awesome. Having an opportunity to explore the carillon bell tower, playing fun card games in the evening, and exploring the local town were meaningful as well. To say I cannot wait for next year’s conference is an understatement! I would like to thank everyone who helped us attend this spiritually uplifting event!

Dr. Ronald Doiron

Director of Music Ministries