Dear Friends,


I always get excited about coming to church and seeing you all. I want to catch up with you, check in, and greet our guests. So many others do the same, and this is wonderful. However, it can be a little distracting when we are chatting as the prelude begins. Instead, I invite everyone to let this time be a moment of centering ourselves and preparing our hearts for the Eucharist. I also want to invite more to come to coffee hour to chat and catch up with our friends and to greet our guests.


This Sunday is again our “Narrative Eucharist,” where we teach the liturgy to the children. Part of our call at St. Monica’s is nurturing young people and families in our faith. If children are to acquire a faith that will endure throughout their lifetime, they need to be with us and to understand why we do what we do. They need to be known by name by many and contribute their gifts to the community of faith. So, we continue this year with the second Sunday of each month being a teaching Eucharist, giving our youngest members a scaffolding of understanding so that they can benefit even more from our corporate worship of and communion with God.


I want to highlight new developments that you can see below: 1) A new men’s book group 2) an interfaith Thanksgiving service (I am part of the newly formed Naples Interfaith Clergy Group), 3) 500 turkeys to give away, and 4) a meal packing event. We have a lot happening, and I encourage you to take part, have fun, and deepen your faith.


And looking back, I want to thank all those involved with the music ministry for making All Saints Day so special and meaningful. Your efforts and talents opened a new dimension to the service. Thank you!


Peace and grace,
Fr. Jonathan Evans