Dear Friends,


Last spring, Ron, Sylvia, and I were talking about bulletins. We talked about our use of the Book of Common Prayer, the paper use involved with bulletins, and the experience of actually using the prayer book. Then right after Hurricane Ian, we had no ability to print a bulletin. Instead, we simply read from the Book of Common Prayer that are located by our seats. After the service, many commented how delighted they were to pray directly from the prayer book.


The Book of Common Prayer is a big part of our DNA as Episcopalians. Our theologies can vary widely, but we gather together around the altar with common prayers and liturgies. The prayer book offers elegant, yet simple, prayers and liturgies that unite us and mark our lives with prayer, individually and corporately.


This Sunday, we will be using the Book of Common Prayer for some parts of the Eucharist, instead of relying on text within the bulletin. This will include the Confession, the Prayers of the People, the Nicene Creed, the Great Thanksgiving, and the Prayer of Thanksgiving. You may notice that you will be able to pray these parts without the use of a bulletin or the book. You may also notice a different experience of prayer as you do so.


Please let me know what this is like for you. I suspect many of you will benefit greatly.


Peace and grace,
Fr. Jonathan Evans