The Reverend Jonathan W. Evans


office: (239) 591-4550
cell: (786) 540-5704
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The Reverend Sylvia R. Czarnetzky

Assisting Priest

office: (239) 591-4550
cell: (662) 645-8887
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Dr. Ronold E. Doiron

Director of Music

office: (239) 591-4550
cell: (239) 331-0101
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Parish Staff

Laura Stamper

Parish Administrator and Bookkeeper
Email  |  Bio  |  (239) 591-4550

Joe Master

Director of Finance
Email  |  Bio  |   (941) 356-6385

Maria Hayes, CPA

Email  |  (239) 289-1510

Susan Docimo

Faith Community Nurse
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Cesar Guzman

Email  |  (239) 591-4550


Tom Gibson


Due to the high volume of email scammers, we have removed the Vestry email addresses.  As a member, you are welcome to log into the parish directory to get the addresses on the “Groups” then “Vestry” page.  If you are a non-member or do not have access to the directory, please contact the parish administrator for assistance.  Or you can send an email to the Vestry team by using the button below.

Scott McCurdy

Senior Warden
Class of 2025

Ryan Smith-Landwehr

Junior Warden
Class of 2026

Beth Moss

Class of 2023
Vestry Member

Jenny Wise

Class of 2024
Vestry Member

JoAnn Sarconi

Class of 2025
Vestry Member

Kathy Connelly

Class of 2025
Vestry Member

Dick Rumpf

Class of 2025
Vestry Member

Margaret Holt

Class of 2026
Vestry Member