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We are inviting all members of St. Monica’s to participate in Breaking Bread Together. This is an informal gathering where groups of 8 people will share a meal together. Each group decides where and when to meet including potluck dinners, picnics, restaurants, etc. This is a great opportunity for newcomers, long-time parishioners, couples, singles, families, and seasonal, and year-rounders to get together over a meal and build community. All are Welcome. Please complete THIS FORM online or on the paper form located at the back of the church so we can get the groups formed. The deadline for survey submission is November 15th.

Groups will start meeting in January.

For questions, contact: Lorraine Ciano 609.276.1422

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Breaking Bread Together

These gatherings will invite conversation around our life journeys; it is to support community building, help deepen our relations with our parish family; and add to the bonds that link us.

The groups are a proven way to make our parish feel smaller and warmer. For our long-term parishioners, newcomers, inquirers, couples, singles, families, seasonal, permanent, whoever you are – this is for you!


Please have this completed no later than
November 15th, 2022.
we have extended the deadline to
November 30th, 2022


Select the group that best fits you and/or your family:

Woman’s Group:
Men’s Group:
Couples Group:
Family Group:

Select the location(s) that you’d prefer:

If you selected “In Home” do you have pets?
(only ask due to possible allergies)
Type of pets are:

If requesting a family group, please list the names, school grade and ages of the children in your household:

(1st name needed only)
(1st name needed only)
(1st name needed only)
(1st name needed only)
(1st name needed only)