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I am pleased to share with you a news story that has been made possible by you! In this news link, where we learn about meals being made for the hungry from our kitchen, would not have happened if it were not for your generosity. If you recall, we [...]

2021-12-02T14:41:58-05:00December 2, 2021|Rector's Notes|

Much to Celebrate!

First, I am so happy that our dear friend, the Rev. Hipólito Fernández-Reina, will be installed this weekend at Christ Church Cathedral in Indianapolis as the Canon for Latinx Ministries. We are proud that he has been a part of our story and that he continues to flourish! If you [...]

2021-11-18T14:46:14-05:00November 18, 2021|Rector's Notes|

This Weeks Message

For those who come to the Saturday service, this coming Saturday is the Second Saturday Social, where appetizers and refreshments are enjoyed together in the parish hall immediately following the service. Soon, we will be re-introducing Foyers, a great way to form new relationships and share dinner at the same [...]

2021-11-10T13:06:48-05:00November 11, 2021|Rector's Notes|

Hallows Eve Costume Blessing

This Sunday, as it is October 31st, young people are invited to wear costumes! We will have a little lesson on Halloween and a prayer at the end of the service. Sunday School for children now begins at 9:45. Scam alert: Someone is trying to impersonate me and trying to [...]

2021-10-28T14:21:00-04:00October 28, 2021|Rector's Notes|

Being a Presence, Being Present

Dear Friends, A church that is to thrive is to be a presence in the community. The bigger the presence, the bigger the relevance. We have become present to Naples in multiple ways, such as hosting a site for Baby Basics, hosting community musical events, and offering space for a [...]

2021-10-22T08:02:03-04:00October 22, 2021|Rector's Notes|

Dear Friends, On the Second Sunday of each month, the children are invited to be in church for the whole service. These Second Sunday services will be oriented toward children – this means it will include a children’s sermon (with a few points for consideration for adults), simpler music, and some instruction [...]

2021-10-14T11:44:05-04:00October 14, 2021|Rector's Notes|

Second Sundays with a Focus

Dear Friends, This week we begin to have Second Sundays with a focus on making the eucharist more accessible to children and youth. This is about us living into our baptismal vows and raising children in the faith. This means we offer opportunities for them to worship with the entire [...]

2021-10-07T14:34:36-04:00October 7, 2021|Rector's Notes|

Changes are Happening at St. Monica’s

Dear Friends, As change at St. Monica’s is afoot, I want to keep you abreast of significant happenings in our life together. Please take you time to read it all and let me know if you have any questions or concerns or praises. This Sunday at 10am, we will have [...]

2021-09-30T11:53:32-04:00September 30, 2021|Rector's Notes|

eNews Changes

The original article was printed on:  September 23rd, 2021 --- Dear Friends, For over eight years, our dear friend Pat Kearns has collected information, edited articles, and overseen the production of eNews from St. Monica’s. Yes, over eight years! I want to express my deepest gratitude for her dedication to [...]

2021-09-28T16:18:35-04:00September 28, 2021|Rector's Notes|


The original article was printed on:   September 17th, 2021 --- Dear Friends, These times have been challenging in many ways. Just when we thought that we were done with the pandemic, a variant that behaves in a much different way washes over us, like a storm surge on a barrier [...]

2021-09-28T16:16:56-04:00September 28, 2021|Rector's Notes|