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Dear Friends,   The Corona Virus has taught us to be a lot of things, especially on being flexible. I thank you for adapting as needed and for being considerate of others. It has been a long hard road, and it is still too foggy to see where the road [...]

2022-03-03T14:56:00-05:00March 3, 2022|Rector's Notes|


Dear Friends,   What a joy it was to have so many new parishioners and visitors come to our Newcomers Brunch! From what I observed, we are living into our calling of being a warm and welcoming congregation! I want to thank the Welcoming Team for all their work and [...]

2022-02-17T14:24:38-05:00February 17, 2022|Rector's Notes|

Dear Friends, We have another big weekend ahead! This Saturday after the 5pm service, we have the Second Saturday Social in the Parish Hall – so bring some finger foods to share. On Sunday after the 10am service, we have the Newcomers Brunch in the Parish Hall – we welcome [...]

2022-02-10T15:25:20-05:00February 10, 2022|Rector's Notes|

Humbling Experience to See the Generosity

Dear Friends, As we finish our stewardship campaign of a “Time to Build,” I want to thank you all for being a part of St. Monica’s. It is truly an honor to be in the Body of Christ with you. I thank you to all those who have made a [...]

2022-01-27T11:32:49-05:00January 27, 2022|Rector's Notes|


Dear Friends, I invite us all to take a moment and to remember where we have been in the past few years. We have been confronted with enormous challenges – transitions in leadership, waves of a pandemic, and personal loss. Nonetheless, St. Monica’s continues to be a place where people [...]

2022-01-13T07:30:58-05:00January 13, 2022|Rector's Notes|


In these times, we are required to be flexible and adaptive. With the Omicron variant, the Bishop has asked that we keep our distance from each other. This includes during the Holy Communion. Specifically, he has asked that we serve communion from serving stations. I anticipate that this will be [...]

2022-01-12T13:24:16-05:00January 7, 2022|Rector's Notes|

Rector’s Message – Christmas Incarnation

The biggest understanding that we gain from the event of Christmas is the incarnation. That’s a packed theological term that deserves unwrapping. The event of Christmas, that the Holy becomes flesh with us, provides an entirely new lens through which we can see our world. This means that our earthly [...]

2021-12-22T10:24:55-05:00December 22, 2021|Rector's Notes|


Dear Friends, As we look forward to Christmas, we have so many gifts to celebrate. It is such a gift to have so many new people coming to St. Monica’s and to see so many returning too. It is such a gift to begin to nurture so many children in [...]

2021-12-17T11:27:05-05:00December 16, 2021|Rector's Notes|

This week’s Rector’s message – Dec 11 -12, 2021

Dear Friends, We are blessed and happy to announce that we have a new Assisting Priest! The Rev. Sylvia R. Czarnetzky is a native Mississippian and an Episcopal priest who retired from full-time parish ministry in 2018. She is a cradle Episcopalian. She was ordained in the Diocese of Mississippi [...]

2021-12-09T15:31:30-05:00December 9, 2021|Rector's Notes|