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Liturgy Change for St. Monica’s

The original article was printed on:   August 30th, 2021 --- Dear Friends, Have you ever taken a trip to a familiar place but taken a different route? Perhaps on the way, you noticed things that you would not have otherwise noticed? We can take this same approach of noticing different [...]

2021-09-28T16:14:45-04:00September 28, 2021|Rector's Notes|

Illness within the Evan’s Home

The original article was printed on:   August 11th, 2021 --- Dear Friends, I am so blessed to be here with you all, and I am so eager to get moving on so many fronts of our common ministries. However, in consultation with the wardens, I will not be present at [...]

2021-09-28T16:13:23-04:00September 28, 2021|Rector's Notes|