7070 Immokalee Road   |   Naples, FL  34119
(239) 591-4550  (phone)  |   (239) 591-4572  (fax)



Try to avoid giving out cell phone numbers.
Email contact is preferred.

NEVER give out the contact for the Sr or Jr Wardens.
Encourage the caller to use the directory if they are a member, if there are any concerns
regarding this, feel free to allow the administrator to handle the call.

Fr. Jonathan Evans
( 786 ) 540-5704

Dr. Ron Doiron
( 239 ) 331-0101

Maria Hayes, CPA
( 239 ) 289-1510

Rev. Sylvia Czarnetzky
( 662 ) 645-8887

Laura Stamper
( 812 ) 801-7895

Cesar Guzman


Scott McCurdy
Senior Warden
( 239 ) 250-9996
Tom Cote
Junior Warden
( 603 ) 261-6764
Tom Gibson
Treasurer (non-Vestry)
(239) 285-2198
Mary Lee Scanlon
Assistant Treasurer (non-Vestry)
(239) 961-9278



  • Answering:
    • Answer with a Smile

Believe it or not, the tone of the human voice changes when smiling.

    • Use a Professional Greet
      • Use an opening phrase as in “Good Morning“, “Good Afternoon“, or “Thank you for Calling St. Monica’s“.
      • After the opening phrase, (if you used a Good Morning/Afternoon line), be sure to mention the Church’s name so the caller knows they called the correct place.
      • Also, remember to say your name, this way if the caller wants to connect with you as a person, they know the name to call you.

Example:  Thank you for calling St. Monica’s, this is Laura, how can I help you?

  • Transfering:

      • Ask the caller to hold while you transfer the call.
      • While the receiver is still to your ear, press the “TRANS” button.
      • Then press the extension button of the person you want to transfer the call to (top buttons in the white area of the phone).
      • Wait for the person to answer then let them know who is calling.

If the person you are transferring to is unable to take the call or doesn’t answer the transfer:

      • Press the extension the caller is on (flashing light).
        Then let the caller know that the person is unavailable and ask them if you can take a message for them.
      • Use the pink callback pad to record the information.
      • Remember to get the callers’ full name, their phone number, and the reason for their call.  It’s ok if they don’t want to disclose the reason for the call, but remember to ask just in the event they are willing.
      • Leave the message in the mail slot of the person the call was for. Never leave this information on the desk for others to see.

 If it is an emergency or pastoral need, and the Rector is not available, pass this to the administrator immediately.  This way the administrator can contact the Rector via text and get the information to him quickly.

If the person you are transferring to is able to take the call and you need to connect them:

      • Simply hang up the phone, the call will be connected.

Due to the nature of the Church, please remember to never disclose or discuss anything that you may have been told or heard within the office. We want to respect everyone’s privacy.  

⇒  If you think other links or information should be added here, please let Laura, the Parish Administrator know!

Thank you so much for giving your time and talent to help us!  We know that it can seem boring at times and the administrator doesn’t have tasks for you – but every call you handle, every walk-in you take care of allows us to get other tasks completed!   We do appreciate you and all you do for St. Monica’s!   ~Thank you again!