• This Week's Rector's Message ~ October 7, 2021
    Dear Friends,

    On the Second Sunday of each month, the children are invited to be in church for the whole service. These Second Sunday services will be oriented toward children – this means it will include a children’s sermon (with a few points for consideration for adults), simpler music, and some instruction with the liturgy. For the Saturday service, the Social Hour will take place on the second Sunday, once the covid numbers decrease substantially.

    This week, we have just hired Diana Honorat, Tom and Donna Cote’s daughter, to be an attendant for the nursery. Now, we can be ready for when families come. She has a warm and gentle presence – please welcome her and her three children, Owen, Chase, and Aaliyah.

    You may have noticed changes with the Prayers of the People. This week, the names of those for whom we pray are mentioned, as always, in the announcements of the bulletin. These names are also prayed for by many who are part of our prayer chain. This week during our liturgy, there will be an opportunity for petitions to come from the congregation. This will allow for a different feel for the prayers of the people as we gather together as Christ’s body. I encourage anyone who wants to pray for others during these times of petition to project their voice so it could be heard by all. (Please also note that the forms of the prayers of the people will change regularly.)

    Peace and grace,
    Fr. Jonathan

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  • October Birthdays
    10/1 Rose Garfield
    10/1 Doug Lindsay
    10/2 Sue Baker
    10/2 Priscilla Sandler
    10/3 Frank Shrewsbury
    10/4 Reems Landreth
    10/4 Ray Lapierre
    10/5 Robin Baumgartner
    10/5 Daniela Fowler
    10/5 William Long
    10/6 Grace Kennedy
    10/7 Vittoria Evans
    10/10 Wally Hedman
    10/10 Philip Reid
    10/11 Virginia Carter
    10/12 Madeline Coe
    10/12 Paul Votapek
    10/13 Jenny Baumgartner
    10/13 Gabriel Chalick
    10/14 Muriel Fishman
    10/14 Sandra Johansen
    10/17 Deborah Wilson
    10/18 Bill Chairs
    10/18 Peter Joseph Goodin
    10/19 Debra Danno
    10/20 Sarah Nick
    10/20 Helen Strong
    10/21 Lorraine Maurer
    10/22 Mary Gentzle
    10/23 Ryan Nick
    10/24 Stacey McCurdy
    10/24 Ryan Rogers
    10/25 Aislinn Peck
    10/25 Anna Marie Reynolds
    10/26 Cleone Ferris
    10/26 Amberly Marra
    10/27 Wil Ward
    10/28 Betty Cable
    10/28 Edward Frankman
    10/28 Linda Smith
    10/30 William Frazer
    10/30 Constance Gaynor
    10/30 Robert Kelsey
    10/30 Robert Randall
    10/30 Bill Smith
    10/31 Robert Wilson


  • Anniversaries
    10/2 John & Heidi Varsames
    10/3 Scott & Stacey McCurdy
    10/6 Chuck & Charla McHenry
    10/8 Rob & Dong Waverka
    10/10 Charles & Ruth Kalwinsky
    10/10 David & Marcia Pardue
    10/12 Stephanie & Victor Saco
    10/13 Ned & Sara Meekins
    10/20 Sarah & Robert Kelsey
    10/20 Sarah Kelsey & Robert Randall
    10/23 Bud & Roseanne Sausser
    10/24 Jennifer & Sean Boddicker
    10/26 Jack & Jenny Baumgartner III
    10/27 Ronald & Susann Benson